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Rehabilitation for
Addicts and Alcoholics

We are committed to provide the highest quality, affordable and
cost effective treatment with utmost respect and dignity to clients.

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In house Celebration @ Wakeup Rehab

We are committed to provide the highest quality, affordable and
cost effective treatment with utmost respect and dignity to clients.

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Rehabilitation for
Addicts and Alcoholics

Together We Can ...
striving to recover at Wakeup Rehab

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Addiction Treatment

The abstinence-based recovery program is 12 Step and therapy oriented, backed by expert Counselors.


Withdrawal management under round-the-clock medical supervision and regular medical check-up.

Safe and Hygienic

Completely Safe and high level of Hygiene maintained with excellent quality of clean water and food.

Therapeutic Approach

All individuals are worthy of respect. we place high value on careful listening, empathy and support.

About Us

De-addiction and Rehabilitation for Addiction or Alcoholism

Baruipur Wakeup Foundation is a full-fledged residential Drug/Alcohol addiction treatment center situated in South Kolkata. We are recognized for our excellent care and support service. We are very serious about the rehab environment as it matters a lot in order to accept therapeutic treatment. While many rehab facilities offer the necessary tools to start the journey of recovery, having tools alone isn’t enough to keep someone sober. There has to be proper steps to use the tools while providing therapy to addicts. A place which is away from the distractions of everyday life, free from excessive stress and the environmental triggers of addiction then you stand a much stronger chance of accepting the help that can save your life. A serene location including the inhouse environment matters a lot and can really help someone achieve long-term sobriety. Wakeup Rehabilitation Centre is a Self-owned and operated treatment facility offering the best possible environment to achieve success in recovery. We at Wakeup Rehab follow a real approach to the treatment of addiction which is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will receive treatment which is best suitable for suffering addicts and alcoholics. Our program is rooted with traditional approaches that include group therapy and one-on-one counselling. We also provide more holistic treatments like art therapy and outdoor yoga which ultimately treats mind, body, and soul. Here, you’ll receive psychoeducational information about addiction and recovery, enjoy peer support and be given the chance to reconnect with your true self and a higher power. We at Wakeup also believe that nature offers a wonderful way to help for mending your spirit. Addicts often experience common disorders like anxiety and depression. Receiving treatment for addiction in a peaceful environment helps restore calm and balance.

We also provide Luxury Rehab Facility like AC accommodation, Special food and care, depending on preference of individual.

Our Services

In-house Treatment for Drug/Alcohol Addiction

we approach in-house rehabilitation for short term and long term in a safe and sober environment. our rehabilitation is abstinence base program, where every patient focus on oneself.


Detoxification period varies from 21 days to 90 days where our experienced doctors and care giver take special care of patients in withdrawal.

Psychological Disorder

our expert psychologist take care of mental well-being of all patients, and make conduct counselling session for individually and also provide feedback to parents.


Our experienced counselors conduct the counselling sessions on daily basis and help clients to overcome from addiction.

Why Choose Us?

Safe & Hygienic

We Provide Safe & Hygienic Services.

Doctors & Counsellors

Addressing Psychological disorder Cognitive Behavioural Therapy After-Care support in recoveery Family Counselling and Support.

Therapeutic approach

12 Step Spiritual Program Individual/Group Counselling and Therapy Recreational Therapies - Fun time, Reading Holistic Therapies – Meditation, Yoga.

AC VIP facilities

Symptomatic Rehabilitation Treatment Luxury Rehabilitation Facility (AC room) Carefully addressing withdrawal issues Medical Supported Detoxification

Our Key Features

Individualized Treatment Plans

You are unique, so your treatment is customized in a way that will work for your successful recovery.

Specialized Services

For individuals who have a dual diagnosis. We treat not only your addiction but your mental health condition as well.

Therapy Based Treatment

Individual and Group Therapy offers you strong support and help you through your treatment process.

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